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Storage tanks

MEIKO GREEN collection tanks

The biomass is stored in a MEIKO GREEN collection tank. Here we offer three standard solutions (PE storage tank, PE cylindrical tank and PE underground tank). The option of a customised container (concrete, GRP or PP) is another variant. In making the right choice and the installation site, the following factors are crucial:

  • monthly quantity of kitchen and food waste
  • available space (new or existing building)
  • installation (dimensions)
  • comfort (accessories for the collection container)
  • hygiene requirements

The nature, type and size of the collection tanks are determined by taking into account these five factors. The underlying principle is the larger the food waste container, the lower the costs of disposal per m3 and the longer the interval between collections. Experience shows that the biomass can easily be stored for six months and longer. We also offer a variety of optional accessories: e.g. automatic tank interior cleaning, stirrers for homogenisation, suction-supporting pump, stirrers, ladders and running boards.

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The cylindrical PE tank has a capacity of 1,500L to 24,000 litres and is delivered in individual parts and assembled on site. High storage capacity can be achieved despite limited accessibility. Can optionally be equipped with automatic remote drain, tank interior cleaning, stirrer, suction-supporting pump, GSM module, ladder, inspection window and much more, the cylindrical tank leaves no requirement unmet. Quality is not a question of size. On request we also offer special solutions such as GRP round tanks and PE plate tanks.

The PE storage tank is the entry level system among collection tanks for food waste. Available in two different sizes. With a capacity of 2,000 to 4,000 litres, the polyethylene storage tank meets all the simple requirements for regulation-compliant and odourless biomass storage. Also available as compact plug & play solution with 800 – 1,100 litres. Filling volume as IBC container pre-assembled on pallet. Accessories for PE storage tank: stirrer, running boards, tank cleaning unit and much more.

With capacities between 5,000 and 16,500 litres, the underground tank offers the best possible balance between storage capacity and disposal costs. The PE underground tank frees space in the building and thus is an alternative to costly internal space, such as cold storage chambers for food waste bins. This space can be otherwise used more efficiently. The underground tank variant allows large filling volumes for the intermediate storage of the food waste and is the most common collection container solution in new buildings.

“Can’t be done” – for us this phrase doesn’t exist. MEIKO GREEN always finds the right tank variant. If the standard solutions cannot be implemented, there is always the possibility of an individual tank solution. We use various construction materials, such as PE, GRP or concrete. No niche is too narrow and no chamber too small. Special conditions are not a problem for us, but a challenge!