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Accessories & utility line installation

You can't get more customised than this!

Waste disposal unit and collection tank on the same floor

The homogenised biomass travels up an ascending pipe and through a conveyor pipe in the suspended ceiling to reach the collection tank. Our standard PE tanks can hold between 1 and 5 m3 – the perfect solution.

System solutions across multiple levels

Whether you're sending waste from a rooftop bar on the 7th floor or from the wash-up area on the ground floor down to the second basement level, we've got it sorted. We can provide cylindrical PE tanks that are perfectly tailored to your needs, and add them to your existing set-up as required.

System with underground tank

Space is at a premium in many buildings. Our underground tanks offer a simple and economical way to shift biomass storage underground. Available in whatever size you need.

The hopper attachment is the cheap and easy solution for more cleanliness around the input station. The BioMaster® is fitted with a hopper splash guard. This means that kitchen waste and leftovers can be fed into the funnel cleanly and without splashing. When the input station is equipped with the MEIKO GREEN hopper attachment, no residues are spilled.

Hygienic, clean and seamlessly integrated into the workflow. Highest quality in material, workmanship and execution. All hygiene stations can be optionally equipped with single or double sinks, dish spray and / or hose roller. Suitable for all input stations.

During storage, layers of natural water from food and kitchen residues, grease and sediment can form in the collection tank. With the stirrer, the biomass is cyclically homogenised. This prevents the settling of solids and cap formation by fats and oils. Tank emptying is thereby considerably simplified and accelerated. Suitable for all collection containers.

The footboard prevents damage to the circulation line, which ensures the level balance between multiple tanks. It also simplifies access to the manhole and tank connections. The footboard is made of stainless steel and is durable for constant use.

For automatic tank cleaning the collection tank remains closed during cleaning. Accordingly, no odour emissions are generated during the cleaning process. This in-house development of MEIKO GREEN ensures that the supply of cleaning water complies with standards and that system safety is guaranteed. An absolute must-have for demanding operators.

With the MEIKO GREEN discharge station station, we offer technology and cleanliness from the inside to the front panel. The tank discharge box is custom-made to your requirements. Provision can be made for several Storz couplings. The exhaust air coming from the tank truck can be returned to the sanitary ventilation system of the building via a separate line. Whether suction, recycled exhaust air from the tank truck or grease separator – all connections for loading the tanker truck are in one place. Optionally, the loading point can be equipped with double door and / or lock. We also offer fully automatic remote emptying, as well as GSM modules for remote monitoring of the filling levels in the MEIKO GREEN collection tank.

Kitchen waste and leftovers are collected and transported to the BioMaster® in a simple, ergonomic and hygienic way. In the case of central input stations, collecting trolleys are used in the pre-treatment kitchen, pot sink or directly on the conveyor to collect the waste. Gone are the times when your employees had to lug around heavy waste containers. With the collecting cart, any kitchen waste generated is always transported in a closed container from the place of origin to the feeding station. Easy to fill and a perfectly complement the input station, emptying waste is made easy for your employees.

MEIKO GREEN BioFilter – activated carbon for clean air without unpleasant odours. The BioFilter is the alternative to tank venting via the roof or sewer system. Indoor and outdoor installation is possible.