The green solution

We do not just build machines to collecting food waste or content ourselves with “just doing our job”. We do what we do with conviction!

Sounds a little serious? You bet! Because it is always serious when it comes to things we really care about. You might ask, “Why this passion for collecting and recycling food waste and kitchen waste?” Basically, it is all quite simple.

On the one hand, we are passionate about technology, we’re engineers right down to our fingertips and enthusiasts for intelligent technology in all its aspects. In our case – this involves the precise analysis of the workflows of our customers, figuring out tailor-made solutions and the customised installation of our systems. Demand-oriented, individual, reliable, first-class – for all storage possibilities and every capacity.

On the other hand, we want to accept the responsibility implicit in this issue. It’s about more than just optimal processes and exacting standards of hygiene, even if we guarantee all these.

In short, it’s a question of finding solutions fit for future needs! Food leftovers and organic kitchen waste are a valuable raw material and energy source, and huge amounts are produced worldwide every day. We speak of returning resources to the energy and material recovery cycle, we speak of valuing resources, but we also talk about the responsible use of existing resources and are against waste.

It goes without saying that simplicity, hygiene and cost-effectiveness also optimise daily work processes and save costs. No more, but not one jot less – that’s who we are: MEIKO GREEN Waste Solutions.

As stated above: We do what we do out of conviction and we burn with passion for our specialist areas.

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Input station

All accumulated waste food is conveniently collected in the BioMaster®4 input station.



Our patented homogenisation technique utilises organic material economically and cleanly.



The leftovers are professionally stored in the storage tank. Absolutely odourless and hygienic.



The biomass is collected at regular intervals by professional service providers.


Biogas generation

Food waste is converted into energy: biogas.